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Ladbrokes Security Breach [Copy Link]


Security breaches in online gaming are nothing new, however Australian site reports that online sportsbook/casino/betting company Ladbrokes has recently experienced a serious security breach where players personal data (address, phone numbers, birth-dates, email) was stolen. The stolen data also contained gambling histories for each individual in the database.

An investigation by the UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office has been prompted by a claim by a mystery Australian who has claimed that he managed to access Ladbrokes’ customer database. The man approached newspaper the Mail offering to sell them the confidential details of the 4.5 million customers stored in Ladbrokes’ database.Ladbrokes was made aware of this serious data breach by The Mail, and an investigation on the case is under way by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO),the the British data watchdog.

Ciaran O’Brien of Ladbrokes has stated that Ladbrokes is working hard to find the culprit. “This is a criminal act and we are working with the police, the ICO and the newspaper to identify and apprehend the culprit”. Ladbrokes have begun the task of making their affected customers aware of that their information was compromised, and reassuring them that they are sparing no effort in trying to protect their personal information.
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