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Football Betting Checklist [Copy Link]

You can use this football betting checklist to help you get started on the road to football betting. You should do each step in order to work out whether or not you should place a bet.
1.        Make a list of all the potentials teams or players you’re going to follow and research. You need to maintain a narrow focus in order to gain that in-depth knowledge you need to beat the bookies. A list will stop you getting too interested in other teams – if you hear news about a different team you can simply zone out as it doesn’t affect you.
2.        Make a list of all the matches that would potentially interest you, i.e. those where your specified teams or players are involved in those matches.
3.        Do further research into your list of potential matches to find those important matches where you can squeeze your required value out.
4.        Find a list of all the odds for all your interested matches and all your bet types (as laid out in your betting strategy). Try multiple bookies (from your bookies list) to find the best odds for every option.
5.        Look at the odds for each one of your potential matches and potential bets in detail and work out whether they contain value. If not, delete them from your list. If they do then get ready to place your bets!
6.        Before placing your bet, you need to state your confidence level. Rate your confidence on a 1-10 scale, and then assign the appropriate number of unit stakes to that bet to reflect your confidence level.
7.        Place your bet and wait for the outcome – good luck!
8.        After the outcome, make a record of how your bet went. Write down whether you gained or lost, and what confidence level you initially rated the bet at.

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