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[Helpful] Newbie: Tips To Increase Your Credits In The Forum [Copy Link]

tips to increase your credits in a forum – without breaking the forum rules…!?

Hi, here are some basic tips for a newbie, on how to to increase his / her credits in a forum, without breaking the forum rules …
And also some do’s and don’ts

1 . DO- stay online  for as much as possible !

Often visit the forum, concentrate on your online time.

Remember :: 1 / 3 rd of your online time is added to your credits !

2. DO-make a new topic  at least once in 3-4 days

Why? Simple, more the number of topics you own, higher is your possibility of knowing about the topic more and greater reply will be from your side, and every two reply will obviously earn you +5 Rating and +5 Money (credit..!)

Remember :: create useful threads only  , waste threads will just be garbaged..!

3. DO-make replies to good posts.

When you show interest in other member’s replies, you can definitely expect them to participate in your topics as well….

4. DO-have a friendly relationship with the forum staff

This is very important .

The forum staff can rate you for your good work and punish you for breaking the rule.
But your concern must be, getting good ratings from the Forum Team.

5. DO- make more and more friends in the forum.
Making more friends in the forum = more (positive) replies to your thread = a higher reputation level !

Remember:: yeah, in the mean time - don’t forget the forum rules of “double posting or spamming” or else you could end up getting banned..!

Now the DON’Ts

6. DO NOT- double post

Yes, double posting will never earn you credits…it will just result in a negative rating if  any  staff find it..!

7. DO NOT-spam, flood the forum.

Creating spam topics will just get you into “banned” group.
And also , if you are found flooding any section, I am sorry to say that you could just get yourself “banned” .

Source :: common sense and EXPERIENCE ;p
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thanks for the nice information

thanks for information

Xin chào Admin.Tôi mơi vào trang nen chua biêt được nhiều về luật lệ,xin thông cam cho tôi..Tôi thây ở đây có nhiều n định khá chính xác giúp ae chơi bóng
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