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[Solved] Handicap History odds Issue ( No data given ) [Copy Link]

Dear Ben,
Once again for the second this week your Handicap History odds tab is not working....PLease recheck this. It is not working for both
internet explorer and also using Mozilla Firefox. Please get this up and running . Thank you.
This theme by Admin BEN at 2012/8/14 15:10:26 execute Theme classification operation

We did some upgrade for our website  these days, this problem maybe caused by it. And the tech is in the process of checking and fixing it now ,will recover as soon as possible
We apologize exceedingly to you for any inconvenience./s7
please wait patiently

After hours monitoring, the above problem was fixed and recovered temporarily,  seeing that it's still under testing now, it maybe unstable sometimes
if you meet this problem again, just feel free to post here!
We will assist you with pleasure
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